WashAndGo 19.23.08 Build 103 Full version Cracked [Latest]

WashAndGo 19.23.08 Build 103 Full version Cracked

WashAndGo 2018 Crack is a simple program that allows you to clean your computer by deleting unnecessary files.When you begin, you will need to enter an email address to receive a free unlock code. In addition, WashAndGo recommends that you make a backup copy of your current garbage files. However, you can protect with password.The program interface is clean and intuitive. In this way, WashAndGo can erase browser passwords and create values ​​for Office files, as well as mail folders (for example, spam).

When you perform WashAndGo AutoDiscovery, you may see unnecessary file types (for example, * .old, * .tmp, log files, MRU, Windows thumbnail cache, and search), use the search function, and remove them from the files. the list.

You can also delete all backups and security protocols, create an exception list, select the types of items you want to delete, and then choose how to disable them (for example, a very slow and highly secure normal Windows functionality).

You can also use WashAndGo to ignore open web browsers, configure backup behavior to start email programs, create file formats to clean protocols, use file deletion tools, remove software from your computer and analyze, for example, the maximum file size. use of disk, etc.

The program initiates a large amount of system resources, includes snapshots, a full help file, may take a while to clear the scan and delete the job, and can not open, erase or erase errors during the test. The response time is incredible, but we recommend WashAndGo to all users.

Features :

Trace removed:
WashAndGo 2018 keygen removes traces of the Internet: browser cache, cookies, browsing history and many traces of the most used browsers.
Examine the error log:
If you are not an expert, modifying your registry entries may end in an emergency. Our SmartClean function saves you only by cleaning and repairing waste products. Do not touch any of your records.
The system corrects the errors:
WashAndGo can detect and correct system errors. Your computer will be more stable. The following errors can be identified and corrected: shortcuts, Windows registry errors, outdated records in recent files, and incorrect removal entries in Windows.
First the security:
WashAndGo recommends deleting only the file or registering it if it is unlikely to be 100% unnecessary and can be safely deleted. If there is a problem, WashAndGo will create a security backup that will allow you to cancel any changes within 7 days after you delete it.

WashAndGo 19.23.08 Build 103 Full version Cracked


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