Trim Enabler Pro 4.1.2 Mac Crack with License Key [Latest]

Trim Enabler Pro 4.1.2 Mac Crack

Since the TRIM command is not used, data blocks are used to identify a hard drive (SSD) that can be safely cleaned. If you use SSD with your Mac, TRIM Enabler Pro will enable you to enable this command and monitor your disk performance. The TRIM command on the slot is available on a variety of Mac models for the SSD included only by Apple. However, TRIM Enabler Pro software enables you to enable the functionality of any SSD, regardless of your developer.

Features :

  • TRIM Enabler Pro is a great tool for the surrounding environment if you use SSD with your Mac and want to use the TRIM command to improve performance.
  • The TRIM Enabler Pro software can manage internal and external drives, provide various tweaks, allow you to perform benchmark tests, and monitor the status of SEA.
  • TRIM Enabler Pro is very simple just run the application and enable the TRIM function in the main window of the application. You must restart Mac to make changes. If you encounter problems, you can safely disable the Mac and disable the feature.
  • The TRIM Enabler Pro also provides the ability to measure disk read and write speeds using the SLR drive on disk drive and benchmark speed.
  • You can change the motion sensor setting so that the system can not store RAM data on the disk in sleep mode or prevent the Time Machine temporary backup functionality. These tweaks are designed to help you get resources, but keep in mind that all of these features have become disabled.

Screen Shot :

Trim Enabler Pro 4.1.2 Mac Crack


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