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SSD Fresh 2018.7.1 Build 75 Full Crack

SSD Fresh Crack is a tool that helps you optimize your system for use with SSD when you extend the life of the hard disk drive. SSD Fresh is only able to retrieve data related to the features and performance settings of the connected SSD. , as well as all other storage disks integrated into the system. You can use it to view the name of each hard drive, its size, file system type, and the number of reserved items.

Create the ultimate pie charts used to display graphics and display the free disk space. hard drive options that can help potential users detect potential failures to prevent data loss. SSD Fresh Crack is very useful for people with SSD and wants to use them more. Enables or disables various features that affect the functionality, reliability, and life of the SSD.

SSD Fresh Key Features :

View driver information
Get information about the driver and the manufacturer. SSD Fresh displays general information that is compatible with hard disk drives installed on the computer. For example, you can see the amount of memory available and how much space is available.
S.M.A.R.T. information
Modern hard disks S.M.A. use the system for self-checking. (Self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technologies). It analyzes the disk and shows defects before it loses data. SSD Fresh Full Cracked key reads this information and displays it in the window.
Disable the Windows association
Since all SSDs have the same logon time for all memory cells, they do not need to be stored safely. In addition, the merge creates the write hits, which shorten the life of the SSD. Therefore, it is recommended that you override the defragmentation process.
Cancel timestamp
Windows saves time to access each file. This produces unnecessary write hits and therefore reduces your SSD life. It is recommended that you disable this feature.
Take it away
Prefetch supports the pre-download of frequently-used applications to RAM. This feature is useless and can be disabled when SSDs have a quick access time.
Disable downloading files
Due to the fact that the files are stored on the SSDs, unifying the installation files is unreasonable and should be discontinued because of the SSD life span.
Disable the Windows Event Log
Windows also saves configuration changes, as well as any other services and software downloads. This allows unnecessary writeback and reduces the SSD life span.
Short name has been removed
For compatibility with older 16-bit DOS applications, Windows creates shortcuts for folders and files, allowing you to write to SSD. The current app does not need these names, so it can be disabled.

SSD Fresh 2018.7.1 Build 75 Full Crack

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