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Secret Disk Crack is a simple application that allows you to create additional local drives that can be hidden by a simple password. So you can hide your personal files and sensitive files that are not accessible to anyone else. Secret Disk does not hurt system resources because it works with fewer CPUs and RAMs. There is a good response time and can not hang up the operating system, stop malfunctions, or open error dialogs. We have been able to work with the new driver, just like the local Windows driver and other issues that we have in our tests.
Interface is a clean configuration with a regular window, so you need to set a program PIN to get access to the Secret Disk features. This step can not be missed and should not be missed because the virtual disk created by the Secret Drive is more secure.

The new driver can be created with a password or a password. When the Secret Disk is turned on, you can set the drive status to visible or invisible mode. You can also change your password or remove it completely, assign a new file name to your pool, and open it automatically when you start the system.
Unfortunately, an unregistered release lets you create a driver, but it’s enough to try and test your app. Disabling this file can only be disabled by disabling the Secret Drive.

Restrictions on the INTRODUCTION VERSION

Hidden database size: 1 (Pro version in 20 versions)
The maximal databases are 2 GB (not limited to Pro version)
You can not select the letter on the disk
Optional password protection
You can not delete the PIN
Lost feature: printable password
No quick help
Updates can not be undone

Secret Disk Crack Free Download

Secret Disk 4.02 Full keygen

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