O&O DiskImage Professional Edition 12.1.159 Crack + Keygen

O&O DiskImage Professional 11 keygen

O & O DiskImage Professional Crack is an advanced program that aims to help you back up and restore files, folders, or whole partitions by creating image data. It provides support for complete, additional and different images, as well as the conversion of the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format.
O & O DiskImage lets you back up your entire computer or a single file whenever you want – even when the computer is in use. If you have to lose your personal data, it can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks – even when Windows can not start. It also supports latest SSD drives and UEFI systems.

O&O DiskImage Professional keygen free download allows you to run the system to recover and duplicate or clone the entire PC or hard drive Like Acronis True Image. You can also restore this backup to a computer whose hardware is different from the original machine, for example, where you have changed the motherboard on the target machine or have purchased a new PC and want to restore the old backup onto it.

O & O DiskImage Professional Key Features :

User interfaces

This tool comes with a variety of custom parameters but the GUI does not look crowded at all. You are actually welcomed by a clean feature line that gives starters the opportunity to use the Start page to create partition images, drives, or the entire computer.

Recovery utility

O & O DiskImage Professional gives you the freedom to perform some recovery operations if your system is corrupted, ie building an image (separator, drive or whole computer), backing up files and folders, creating additional or different images, and restoring data.

Create a drive image

This program lists all detected partitions on your system and allows you to view additional information about each, ie size, sector per cluster, file system, empty space and drive letters.

Imaging options

If the preset mode does not protect your needs, you can create a new one manually by selecting a method for building a complete image, creating a VHD image file, compressing an image file to store storage space (LZNT or BZIP2) or break it into smaller sections, and encrypt it using the AES-128, AES-192, or AES-256 algorithms.

Additional features to play

O & O DiskImage Professional lets you schedule tasks, clone drives, view information for DiskImage (OBK), image (OMG) and virtual hard disk (VHD) files, verify image files for errors, burn image files to disk, burn files ISO, and erase the rewritable disk.

What’s New !

Finally, you can drive the drive from the image, and the ISO file as drive, transfer the mounted drive, incorporate additional images, convert image files between OMG and VHD format, create bootable disc, edit PC properties (eg name, SID) , as well as a check driver for errors.

Screen Shot :

O&O DiskImage Professional 11 keygen


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