O&O Defrag Professional Edition 22.1.2521 Serial key

O&O Defrag Professional Edition

O & O Defrag Professional Edition Serial key

O & O Defrag Professional Edition serial key is a powerful tool used for partition defragmenting, thereby optimizing your computer’s performance.

The user interface is easy to follow. It has a ribbon bar that displays all possible actions made in O & O, a list of available local drives, and several tabs: cluster display, split history, driver status, job, report, and file status.

The cluster view describes the number of clusters that are arranged graphically as blocks. Blocks are shown in priority colors – free, compressed, allocated, broken, stored for MFT, systems, paging files, exclusively locked, processed, and folders.

Copy Shadow is a feature that automatically creates a copy of the file being used, at fixed intervals. It can either be enabled or disabled.

Disk Defragmentation can be done in several ways – Stealth (faster and smaller memory), Space (data combining, and further blocking), Complete / Name, Complete / Modified, or Complete / Access (all three of these methods also reorder file structure in alphabetical order, or in the latter time when they are modified or accessed).

Features of O & O Defrag Professional Edition

Speed ​​up to 100%
Automatic background defragmentation
Prevents new breaks from ever
O & O DiskCleaner built
New: O & O DiskStat built
New: Fragment Filters to identify the most fragmented files in the drive
Better SSD optimization
Easy to use: Ideal for beginners and professionals
Extend the life of your hardware
Capture multiple drives simultaneously
Improve the opportunity to recover missing files and speed up your backups
Power Management for Notebooks
Assistant to schedule a disk defragmenter
Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Vista

O & O Defrag Professional Edition Crack

O&O Defrag Professional Edition

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