MacOS Server 5.6 free Download full version [Latest]

MacOS Server 5.4 free

MacOS Server is a self-defined, dedicated server application for scanners and iOS devices, which allows you to manage and manage many user accounts and devices well-designed interface.
MacOS Server can quickly and easily sync your Mac with your phone, share files, schedule appointments, host your website and publish your widgets, access the remote from the network, and set up iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Profile Manager provides all the necessary tools and features for managing, managing, and customizing all iOS devices and Mac computers in your business and organization.As a result, you can create multiple profiles for setting and customizing user accounts for contacts, mail, calendar, and messages. You can also configure system settings to set passwords policies and privacy codes for restrictions.

Caching Server is another software designed to significantly speed up the delivery and download of cached server cache memory on the Mac App Store, App Store, iTunes Store, iBook Store and iTunes U. servers. Software updates, MacOS Recovery images, quick downloads to all your devices, and iTunes.

Program developers can easily use MacOS Server to test Xcode on multiple iOS devices, archive their projects, host Git’s shop, and track test history and create results.You can also create Mail, Contacts, and Calendar for storing and updating each member of the updated and connected contacts by sharing and syncing contacts and events with iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices.

MacOS Server free Download can be used as a Time Machine backup location for all Mac computers, and even for your server, for mail, shared files, calendars, and more. MacOS Server is a versatile and full-featured software that helps you use Mac as a powerful and reliable server for your office, business, or organization.

Key Features :

Intuitive file sharing features
An easy-to-use Wiki server
Built – in Time Machine
The profile manager you are using
Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Messaging server
Encrypted VPN

Screen Shot :

MacOS Server 5.4 free


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