MacClean 3.2.0 Crack with License key free Download

MacClean 3.2.0 Crack with License key

MacClean comes with an easy to use but free Mac application to start a new type of spring cleanup on your Mac with privacy, optimization, privacy and maintenance features. About Macintosh Security You can create a clean and secure working environment by scanning deeply harmful Mac threats.

Features :

Mac Clean Up and Emptiness :

MacClean License key lets you cache, log files, rest of the software, temp files, production locations, and more. All secure removal sub pages created on your system will be scanned. It also provides a number of cleaners that help you clean up older and older files, unneeded versions, unused languages, unnecessary iTunes backups, and more.

Keep Macintosh Optimized :

MacClean uses Macintosh optimization and maintenance tools to remove unwanted images, unnecessary binary connections, and gigabytes of unused background extensions.

Protect all your privacy with moderate eyes :

MacClean deletes your tracks and delivers cookies, caches, sessions, history, saved passwords and other website information from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera cleans up. It also removes the deleted i Messages and Face Time history so that it is safe for you.

Protect Mac from attack :

harmful cookies, malicious software, spyware, worms, scare ware, adware, and so on. as well as the full range of risks involved.

Screen Shot :

MacClean 3.2.0 Crack with License key


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