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Light Image Resizer

When you become a user with a great collection of pictures, you need to take care of it. Light Image Resizer is a small tool for measuring, compressing, swapping and sharing photos online like Photo Line Software. You can select profiles in the Options tab (eg desktop resolution, Sony PSP, iPhone), width and height adjustment (pixels, percent, inches, or centimeters) size (adjustment, stretch, center, crop, retarget), you can change whether or not you want to save the most.
Advanced settings include filtering (for example, fast forwarding), policy (always resizing, enlarging or abbreviating), format (original, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, PDF, PSD, PCX, TGA) Dimensions, resolution and filename mask.You can also combine watermarks, change colors, resize grayscale, apply sepia effect, add borders, set portrait permissions, save original file history, or eject mailboxes .

Light Image Resizer crack is designed for both pleasing and power users. Supports multiple languages, features descriptions for each option, uses a reasonable amount of system resources, and is usually very intuitive (no help file is needed to learn how to use it).

Key Features :

Resize and Conversion:
Resize images or easily convert them to different formats. Choose your original resolution, make a copy, rename it, copy and / or rename files, or compress them, and select the exact destination for your recycled images. Work on a personalized photo, or edit a large number of photos by completing bulk resizing by one click.
Additional settings:
To protect your watermark file, add copyright to images with text formatting and transparency, such as html. Customize them by dragging photos or adding border. Use the live preview panes to see what the final result looks like before processing the image. Image Resizer works on files, folders, and subfolders and supports RAW formats. Converts integrated images with multi-core support faster. Start the program easily by right-clicking on the image or folder from the Windows Shell Tutorial.
Exit and export:
Photos can be added directly to emails, as separate files or as ZIP files, using the publishing function without exceeding the maximum allowed by mail servers, with your favorite settings creating, creating, exporting new profiles. Most popular modes have already been defined, such as full HD resolution, iPod, NTSC, 640×480. 1 click access mode with Shell integration.
Digital Frame:
Digital Photo Frame Wizard Transfer Photos and Optimization of Photos in Digital Photographs. Resize images to the supported resolution and add more images for viewing

Screen shot :

Light Image Resizer


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