FrameForge Studio Pro 4.0.1 Stereo 3D Activator with Patch

FrameForge Studio Pro

FrameForge Studio Pro lets you create a 3D virtual cinema production facility on your computer screen using the menus and mouse navigation tools to place multiple virtual cameras at any angle, altitude, or place. Each camera imitates the actual camera – you can zoom in and out, vibrate, turn and fill. Check how much the camera lens is in a particular location, or enter the exact figures for the ceiling height to indicate the physical device you are using.
FrameForge Studio Pro allows you to scan and view each camera you have before getting your money and a place to spend a lot of time. The software can print or export your movies with optical precision, and you can reliably display the movie production process. It adds technical capabilities to take a picture without having to anticipate the camera

Features :


Create an entire movie to shoot from scripts before you start producing precious metals.

Fully work with full emotions of camera corners, natural lighting and exposition characters.


Optimize your camera, support the device, and limit the glare to zoom in or down to the center.


Adjust the director’s camera settings and use the real-time composition and drag-and-drop library, and flip the scheduled photos faster than before and display them.

You save valuable time and money

Print your cloud, email it, or upload your stories. Your duplicate and crew will clearly see exactly what you are looking for. Even imported script from scriptwriting software such as Final Draft or Movie Magic Writer.

Screen shot :

FrameForge Studio Pro

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