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Do your Data Recovery

Do Your Data Recovery

In the eventuality that you deleted or lost important files, then it is recommended that you stop using the computer, as each time you attempt to perform an operation, you write new data to the hard drive. Since there is a chance that you overwrite the space you just freed up, it means that your attempt to restore the files can drop considerably.

Do Your Data Recovery is a light utility that enables you to scan local drives or other devices to find and recover files that you erased accidentally via formatting, crash, improper operation or due to other reasons.

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Restore your files in three easy steps

The program comes with a clean and user-friendly GUI that is also representative for the functionality of the recovery tool. In fact, retrieving data that you lost due to various reasons, can be done in three straightforward steps.

More exactly, after you select the desired partition or external device you have the files on, you can specify the types of data you want to recover. The app scans the designated location automatically and enables you to preview the data before you recover it. On a side note, depending on the size of the drive or partition, scanning for lost data can be a lengthy process.

Comes with two recovery modes

It is necessary to mention that the utility comes with a quick recovery mode, which can help you retrieve data that you lost recently. While the option explores the data superficially, it is best to attempt to retrieve data using this function first.

In case you still did not manage to find the data you are interested in, then you can redo the scan using the Advanced Recovery function. Considering that this mode entails exploring the drive in a sector-by-sector manner, you should keep in mind that it is going to take longer.

A simple file restoration tool

If you have lost data or deleted some important files recently, then using the PC as little as possible and trying to retrieve the data with utilities such as Do Your Data Recovery is highly advisable.

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Do your Data Recovery


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