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Directory Monitor Pro

Directory Monitor Crack

You are able to utilize Directory Monitor Crack to your surveillance of certain directories and it’ll inform you of document variations, deletions, alterations, and new files from real time. You may optionally implement a program when a switch does occur. Work across mobile and desktop phones to make and increase your photographs, mobile and web program layouts, 3D art, videos, and much more.

Monitor directories for document changes, alterations, deletions and fresh files in real life.
Monitor local directories or system shares (including hidden shares).
Instantly tell whether a directory is currently available and getting tracked.
Balloon notifications if an event is terminated.
Optionally perform a program when an event happens.
Log an individual to the system which made the variations.
Include/exclude filtering on files being tracked.
Auto upgrading, import/export and much more

The software application works like a charm on all Windows versions and requires administrator privileges to be able to access some of its commands.

Overall, Directory Monitor Crack is an advanced and reliable app that does a very good job when it comes to monitoring folder activity and providing an important amount of configuration options to enhance the whole process and get you notified.The options menu also plays a key role because it gives you the power to configure the interval for checking folders, back up the log file, create a separate log file for each directory and automatically remove log entries that are no longer valid. Information can be sent via email as well as uploaded to an SQL database, depending on your preferences. You can also set a third-party app to automatically launch when an event occurs

Directory Monitor Free Download

Directory Monitor Pro

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