CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 16.0.2101.0 Crack + Keygen

Color grading is an important tool for creating impressions, telling tales, and awakening responses from your video viewers. CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra offers creative video creators at all skill levels, ways to improve their projects dramatically through the use of tools to control color and lighting.

Features :

Built-in Movie Presets

ColorDirector comes with a variety of professional and well designed presets that emulate famous film styles. You can also save any manual adjustments you make to the video as a preset and reuse it on future projects.

Tracking Masks & Motion Options

The smart motion tracking algorithm makes frame-by-frame objects detect the wind. Precision selection masks let you choose, isolate and track various objects and track their movements accurately, and change or enhance their colors

Splash Color

Quickly add drama and focus to your video by making it black and white while keeping parts of the selected color clip. The best way to attract the eyes of the audience and make the video memorable.

Shift Color

Complete the change of object in your video with Color Shift. Color Wheel Sliding lets you enclose colors in your videos to give you a totally different feel.

360º Video support

With CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra you can import, edit and export 360 degree video recording. Edge cutting technology works best with 360º video so your editing is maintained throughout your entire recording.

Round Distribution with PowerDirector

To reduce the time of your 360º video edits. Use PowerDirector to edit your raw video footage, launch ColorDirector directly from the PowerDirector interface for color grading, then send back the recording to PowerDirector to create video and video production.

RGB curve

Automatically set the chronic values ​​of shadows, mid tones, and highlights in the video is a great way to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s New !

CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 16.0.2101.0

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