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Comodo Antivirus Crack

Comodo Antivirus Full Crack

COMODO Antivirus Crack is a powerful security program that scans your computer and removes any malicious software, viruses, or spyware that has been compromised in your system. The antivirus system allows you to run a full scan of the drive, in critical areas alone or according to your preferences. Other options include scanning only for spyware or scheduling daily or weekly scans.

The full scan on the computer takes a long time, but COMODO Antivirus serial key manages to detect and store many harmful agents, using a small amount of system memory (although other processes work slowly). COMODO Antivirus 11 Crack contains some powerful features to protect your computer. The configuration may be a little difficult for less experienced users, but running the program using the default options must also be quite good.

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COMODO Antivirus 11 Key Features :

Preventive Security:
Stop viruses and malware before they reach your computer ,so it’s not too late to stop them.
Vehicle sand technology:
Sandbox is a virtual operating environment for untrusted programs – ensuring that viruses and other malware are completely isolated from the rest of your computer
Full strength, highest degree of virus detection and elimination:
Our download provides free virus protection that goes beyond the protection offered by expensive security groups
Insulation system to isolate suspicious files:
Potential viruses are retained to ensure that nothing “sneaky”
Personal Protection:
Set Virus Scan to work according to a schedule, when it’s right for you
Spyware scanning:
Spyware Scanner detects and cleans malware infections in your computer’s registry and disks.
Cloud Antivirus based on:
Virus scanning based on a cloud detects a malicious file even if the user does not have updated virus definitions.
Cloud-based behavior analysis:
The cloud-based behavior analysis system detects malware today without interruption.
Cloud-based white list:
The cloud-based white list of the trusted publisher is easily visible on a secure file and vendor
Application Control:
Provides users with the ability to secure their computer so that only good known applications can run.
One-click scanning:
Make sure that your computer is clean with one simple click of a button
Easy to use interface:
Simply install and forget, while virus protection continues
Real-time access to updated virus definitions:
Get the latest protection against new viral strains

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What’s New in Comodo Antivirus 11 :

  • This is version 11. Considering many stability and performance changes have gone into application since release of v10 and product overall test results have improved, we have classified it as v11. While we continue to work on major changes for v12 for 2019 release.
  • Going forward, you won’t see any GeekBuddy alert upon malware detection.
  • This build is HVCI compliant, this is a feature which is going to be enabled by default in Windows 10 RS5, due in Fall-2018.
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