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ashampoo backup pro

Ashampoo Backup Pro

Working with sensitive data on your computer requires you to be cautious, since your files can be accidentally lost during various unfortunate events, such as power surges, theft or cyber attacks.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a large selection of specialized third-party software solutions that can come in handy and help you prevent data loss. One of the applications mentioned above is Ashampoo Backup Pro.

Hassle-free installation

Deploying this utility on your computer can be accomplished without considerable efforts since you are not required to perform any complicated configuration steps.

You just need to define your preferred destination path, toggle desktop shortcut creation on or off and follow the on-screen instructions during installation.

Clear-cut menus

The interface Ashampoo Backup Pro packs is minimalistic, user-friendly and features a wide variety of straightforward functions, thus making it highly accessible to numerous users.

Its main window integrates four large buttons that you can use to create backup plans, restore files to your computer, manage your plans and view backup reports.

Perform secure backups

You can make use of its intuitive, wizard-like interface if you want to create a backup plan on your computer. Each of the windows displayed within the wizard provide you with handy instructions so that the process can be executed as smoothly as possible.

It is possible to select between backing up entire drives, partitions or your entire machine, but you can also choose a selection of items, such as files, folders or settings.

Supports multiple backup locations

Additionally, you can choose your favorite backup location from an extensive list, according to your needs. Among the supported media, you can find local or network drives, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Strato HiDrive or MagentaCLOUD.

This makes it possible for you to create multiple backup plans and export them to various locations, thus lowering the odds that your files get lost.

Can compress and encrypt data

Furthermore, Ashampoo Backup Pro can both compress and encrypt your data. The former might come in handy if you want to preserve space on your storage media while the latter is recommended if you want to prevent others from accessing your saved content.

In case you want to schedule automatic backups, this application also makes that possible. You just need to select the schedule mode (such as daily or weekly), define your preferred time and hit the Next button.

Handy report generator

After you backup your files, the application enables you to manage your plans, modify or delete them, depending on the situation.

More so, you are provided with a useful backup report generator, where you can view detailed statistics about the backup plans you have saved.

Reliable backup tool with numerous additional features

All things considered, Ashampoo Backup Pro is a handy backup tool that can prove itself to be a valuable asset by offering you a broad range of functions. It features a smooth, user-friendly interface, encompasses straightforward controls, thus proving itself to be a valuable asset.

ashampoo backup pro


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