AOMEI Onekey Recovery Professional 1.6.2 Full Crack

AOMEI Onekey Recovery Professional 1.6.2 Full Crack

AOMEI Onekey Recovery Professional is a software application that offers backup and restore systems. You can use it to create a factory partition or storage system, or you can back up the system to an external hard drive to save space on the local disk. When the backup system succeeds, it creates F11 or A tabs, you can set them to be an acronym for access to the recovery media on startup. For computers using EFI / UEFI boot, you can reinstall the application. Using the Windows boot menu.

Features :

Backup system
Select an existing section to allocate the free space needed to create a saved recovery partition on the system backup. The recovery partition is hidden by default in order to prevent backup copies.
Restore your system
Restore your computer to factory defaults or backups. When the disaster strikes, it’s best to keep things back. Support for the original location or location of the recovery system.
Quick restore system
When your computer is started to access the Windows PE environment and automatically launches AOMEI OneKey Recovery, you can click on the dedicated system keyboard – F11 or A.
Advanced settings
AOMEI Onekey Recovery Professional Crack offers encryption and compression while backup. It can protect your disks and protect your data from being broken down.
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / XP / Vista and Windows Server 2003/2008/2011
Supported Storage Devices
Local disks, external hard drives, solid state drives, USB flash drives, and more.
Types of Supported Discs
MBR disk, GPT disk and UEFI boot mode

Screen Shot :

AOMEI Onekey Recovery Professional 1.6.2 Full Crack


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