AnyDesk 5.2.2 Free Download (Remote Desktop Software)

AnyDesk Free Download

AnyDesk Free Download

AnyDesk Free Download is a remote desktop program that allows you to connect several computer networks together. The best thing about AnyDesk is its size. It’s just a 2 MB program that you do not need to install. You just need to turn it on and enjoy it.

Connect AnyDesk to your PC remotely, either from the other end of the office or half the world. AnyDesk ensures that remote desktop connections are safe and reliable for IT professionals and people on the move.

AnyDesk features:

Enjoy an excellent screen experience, with 60 fps in local networks and most Internet connections.
Semi-immediate responses are essential when working at a remote desktop. That is why the access time of AnyDesk is less than 16 milliseconds in local networks, so it is not obvious.
It performs tasks without problems, even with a bandwidth of up to 100 kb / s. AnyDesk is the preferred remote desktop software in areas with little internet connection.
Built by us, DeskRT is an innovative codec that forms the basis of AnyDesk. Compress and transfer image data between computers in a way that no competitive product can do.
Start AnyDesk immediately: no registration, installation, or administrative privileges are required. Just download, play, and better go.
Our servers use Angler communication technology. This means low latency, high availability and guaranteed execution time.
You can collaborate and communicate easily, whether you are holding meetings and presentations online or working on the same document from the global side.
With unparalleled bandwidth efficiency, AnyDesk Free Download is not affected by data-intensive applications, such as CAD or video editing.

AnyDesk Download Free

AnyDesk Free Download

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