Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy 2018 201 Full version Cracked [latest]

AntiBrowserSpy 2018 201 Full version Cracked

Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy 2018 with Crack free download

AntiBrowserSpy stops your browser from spying. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome: Today, most Web browsers send data to their respective manufacturers. AntiBrowserSpy is designed to help users turn off the browser spy functionality. Stop spyware browsers, remove Internet traces and create backups of your browser settings with AntiBrowserSpy crack.

Key Features :

Disable spy detection of browsers
Many browser developers combine features in browsers that send their personal information to their users. Sometimes this information consists of a unique identifier that allows the user to identify, and sometimes the URL of the website you are visiting. Google Chrome and new Internet Explorer have become real champions when they collect personal information, but Firefox and Safari even send personal information. “AntiBrowserSpy is designed to help users detect spyware.

One click lock
Many web browsers ‘spyware can not be turned off by computer users “Even experts can not turn them off – AntiBrowserSpy makes it easy to manage all browser settings – just click on a mouse button to customize all browsers’ you can even disable hidden spy capabilities.

Disable Internet traces
AntiBrowserSpy lets you easily remove Internet traces. This includes removing historical records and Web cache. Downloading and removing downloaded URLs can also be cleared. In addition, AntiBrowserSpy includes a cookie manager that lets you view and protect certain cookies.

Make backups of your browser settings
AntiBrowserSpy can create backups of your browser settings. This lets you store your bookmarks and all other data in the storage location. When you move to a new computer, you can get the information you need to keep your bookmarks.

Automatic cleaning – cleaning and inventory planning
AntiBrowserSpy can automate all major tasks. For example, Windows may delete all cookies at startup. The software provides you with a user friendly interface and detailed information for each function.

Supports all public browsers
AntiBrowserSpy full crack key supports all popular browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 and above), Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera (version 15 and above).

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